Report Dead / Broken Links

We always try to accept suggestions / recommendation from its users, to make this site more useful to the seekers.

We provide downloads of many softwares and applications. Instances have come across when we found many download links dead or broken. 

However, its always our best practice to keep the links ready and up to date. But, due to large volume of softwares, sometimes, it may not be possible for us check each and every software on Keydia. 

That's why, it is our request, if you found any links is not working or broken links, you please make mention of it on this page. 

Please include the URL of the page where you found the dead / broken link.

That's the only way we can serve you better downloads. 


Anonymous said...

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Free Serial Key - Activation Code Missing!

Kapil Kumar said...

Sorry ! we have removed the keys

Kabir said...

Please I need pinnacle studio...

Pooja said...

I love your website sir...Its really helpful...Please I need some spanish language learning software.

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